Kraft Boulders: Top 8 Problems for Beginners (v0-2)

Although I’ve been climbing for close to 20 years, my partner John has just begun seriously climbing this year. It has opened my eyes to how overwhelming the internet can be to first time outdoor climbers. I hope this blog serves as good direction for newer climbers looking for guidance. Please remember to be respectful of these areas, and always climb safe.

Kraft Boulders, sits just outside of Red Rocks Nevada.
It’s wonderful, because it has a short approach to the climbing area, and several boulders to choose from.

Getting to Kraft: putting in the following address, will take you to a parking lot.
Sandstone Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89161
From the parking lot you will take the North trail that is near the round about.
– Do not take the trail to the west, we did that on accident our first time.
– Also please be respectful that this is a residential area.

Choosing Problems: When it comes to choosing what routes to climb the easiest guides are online from Mountain Project: Kraft Boulders, or if you like having physical books like us, we used Bouldering Vegas by Seth Robinson (it’s a 2008 Edition, but it’s still classic and useful).

Our Top 10 Favorite Climbs, For First time Outdoor Climbers (V0-V2):
*In order from first to last on approach

Boulder: The Cube
1. Perfect Poser   V1 R (North East face) 
2. Unnamed V0 *Downclimb for all routes (North West face)

Notes: Following the trail, the first boulder you will come to is the Cube, and although its a very high ball boulder, it’s our favorite boulder to climb on. Make sure you have enough crash pads for this one. On the North Face there is a V1 that is fun to play around with.


Boulder: Black Warm Up Boulders
3. Fin Face   V0+
4. Black Midget   V2
Notes: Following the trails east from the cube, you will next reach these easy, but fun routes all with in close range.

Boulder: Warm Up Boulders: 
5. . Fluffer   V1-2
Notes: Grade depends on direction you take.

Boulder: Plumbers Crack 
6Plumbers Crack (North side chimney)   V0
or.   Plumber’s Crack (South Side)  V2 R
Notes: This Boulder is North of the warm up boulders, you can’t miss it.

Boulder: The Pearl
7. Across the Choss
Notes: Past the warm up boulders and about 200 feet before Bills Boulder. This route can be sharp at times. 

Boulder: Bills Boulder
8. I Disagree V1 (Bills Boulder)
Notes: Careful on this one, sharp rock we left with bleeding fingers.

Thanks for Checking out our blog, hope it’s a little helpful. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions if you’re visiting any of the areas in our blog!

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 2.45.10 PM.png

So that’s our list for now!

Remember that Kraft is Sandstone, so DO NOT climb after rain.
Also, be respectful of the land, so that the locals keep letting us climb here!

Climb on,
Court & John



3 thoughts on “Kraft Boulders: Top 8 Problems for Beginners (v0-2)

  1. Hello court and John. Rock and Alpine climbing is something I’ve wanted to do my entire life. This post has been very helpful. At any point do you bring folks along who are beginners?


  2. Wow, thank you for the reply! I’m up for anything. I currently only have weekends available so whatever possible in those 3 days!!


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