Our New Drone!

Heads turned this weekend in Vegas, as we hit the hiking trails in a sharp suit and lace dress.

With a few hours to spare before Johns sister got married, we wanted to use the opportunity to FINALLY fly our drone.  Here’s a few images from our first time testing the DJI Standard 3.

*** We are flying just outside of Red Rocks Conservation. If you plan to drone, remember that National Parks, Conservation, and Sanctuaries are no fly zones!  ***

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 1.04.25 PM.png


Along the hiking trail someone built a large rock garden spiral, if you look close you can see it above. 


At this point, we started to fly a little too close to the Mountain and almost lost our new toy!
With only 25 Minutes of Battery life, we decided to cut our flying short and play it safe. Which resulted in some amazing selfies!  


Thanks for checking out our first flying test run. We’re excited to use our drone for a new perspective on our future blog stories, especially when it comes to SUP!

Adventure on,
Court & John



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