Cage-less Shark Diving in Oahu

Calm, the feeling that washed over me as I slipped into the salty water below, and despite having watched Jaws, and years of Shark week, I felt completely safe.

When we boarded the Island View Hawai’i boat, they asked us to leave everything we had ever learned about sharks at the shore. Explaining that while some breeds can absolutely be aggressive, most are not interested in humans.

We learned the sharks would be attracted to the boats and circle them, because to them boats meant food (chum thrown back from fisherman). At first it was a couple 4-5 foot sand sharks that noticed our boat, then a 12 foot Galapagos arrived as we let them explore the vessel. Once a little time went by, we calmly ventured into the ocean and swam 20 feet out from the boat. What happened next was indescribable…


Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.52.12 AM




If you ever have the opportunity to visit Ohau, Hawai’i, absolutely take this tour, it will change your respect for sharks and the ocean.

Adventure on,
Court & John



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