The Simple Things

While traveling and exploring can be exciting, it’s important not to overlook the simple things in life.

Living in Southern California we’re blessed to have the ocean at our backyard, which is where we headed this weekend, instead of traveling. We caught the beach just at sunset and were the only people brave enough, on our stretch of beach, to jump in the springtime water.

Two Life Lessons from this weekend: 

#1: Don’t be afraid to be a kid.
Run, Splash, Jump over waves, chase the tide, and laugh together.

#2: Don’t forget how important the places you live at are, just because you see them everyday.
Our senses become dull to the things they are exposed to daily, shake it off and look at it with a new perspective.

Stay Adventurous,

Court & John

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 8.57.48 AM.png

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