Stand Up Paddling: Havasupai

If you could paddle anywhere in the world, regardless of access, where would it be?

This is the question that fuels Johnny and I to explore waters not often graced by SUP boards. This past weekend we had permits to access the Confluence of the Colorado, a 36 Mile round-trip hike just past the Havasupia Indian Reservation, with 40lb inflatable SUP boards on our backs.

While weather didn’t allow us to get all the way to the confluence this trip, We did enjoy 30 Miles of pure blue oasis in Havasu. For those not familiar, Havasu Falls, is a river in Arizona, that is remarkably known for it’s blue tint (via lime minerals). That’s right, the water truly looks this color, no photoshop or filters!

Photo Jun 03, 12 02 19 PM

{ ATTN: Although these pictures are beautiful, we do not recommend hiking inflatables into this canyon, it is very dangerous, and there are not many places to actually SUP. If you do please make sure to be respectful, and seek permission from the tribe before brining into the reservation. Remember it’s a 20 mile hike to the first waterfall, and inflatables alone are 40lbs.} 

Adventure On,
Court & John

P.S.  Fellow SUP Explorers, these Sperry 7Seas Boat Shoe are AMAZING for people who are in and out of water, looking for fast drying shoes.

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