SUP & Hot Springs: Mammoth Lakes

School and work have dominated lately, so when a 24 hour window to do anything arose, we needed something epic. At 1am on Friday after work, we raced through the still night towards mammoth.

Just a few moments before sunrise we arrived at Mono Lake, a Saline Soda water lake known for it’s Tufa’s (rock formed by calcium carbonate).  Despite being 30 Degrees, the windshield made it feel more like 30 below, and also meant rough waters were ahead.




Chilled to the Bone from our SUP adventure, it was time to warm up, so we grabbed some hot cocoa and made our way back south to find Wild Willies Hot Springs.  We enjoyed a dip with a moderate crowd of likeminded adventurers, and then found a private pool to enjoy by ourselves after.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 12.59.57 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-18 at 12.45.32 PM

Finally our day was coming to an end. We wanted to head south to Alabama Hills for some hiking, but the fleeting daylight and still being 2 hours away wasn’t going to allow that to happen. We soaked up the rest of the time in Mammoth and headed back to LA.  The views here are incredible, and we cannot wait to visit the Eastern Sierras more often!


Travel On,
Court & John

Our Gear for this trip:
  Paddle Board: Tahoe inflatable SUP | Paddles: Super Paddles Carbon Elite|Dry Suits: Kokatat Men’s Tropos SuperNova Paddling Suit | Dry Bags: Sea to Summit Dry Sack 

**Footnote: Stand Up Paddle boarding in remote locations can be dangerous if not done properly, here we take proper precautions to insure fun and safe trips. Please do not recreate these trips without properly educating yourself on the area, laws, and needs of the sport. **

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