Stand Up Paddle Cooper Landing

While most of our Alaskan SUP tour was in remote locations, one town was worth stopping by. With views, reflecting an old oil painting, Cooper Landing is nestled along the Sterling Highway, at the confluence, from which the Kenai Lake spouts into the Kenai River.

There is a boat launch on the North-West side of the bridge, that allows access to both the river and the lake for $5 per day via Envelope System. Despite being lined with houses, the lakes views are beyond the shoreline. The horizon is humbled with the most breathtaking green mountains you will witness, and the striking blue water is filled with fearless Red Salmon who dance around your paddle board in August.

Our exact paddle route below was short because we only had an hour and a half to paddle, but we truly cannot wait to return and extend our route loop. Important to note we stayed in the lake this entire trip, and do not recommend paddling along the Kenai River at this location.


Adventure on,
Court & John

PBA71660**Don’t let the bare feet fool you, this water is cold! While we did not need our drysuits for this paddle, weather and time of year could change that need. Stand Up Paddle boarding on your own can be dangerous if not done properly, here we take proper precautions to insure fun and safe trips. Please do not recreate these trips without properly educating yourself on the area, laws, and needs of the sport. ** 

Our Gear for this trip:
Paddle Board: Tahoe inflatable SUP |Paddles: Super Paddles Carbon Elite|Dry Sack:  Sea to Summit Dry Sack | Paddle Shoes: Sperry 7 Seas Boating Shoe


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