Stand Up Paddle: Moose Pass, Private Island

Aside from a pit stop for snacks or fudge, most travelers drive right through the small town of Moose Pass, never knowing there is something majestic hidden just off the highway.

For those with Stand Up Paddle Boards (or other man powered water crafts), there is a Private Island you can access via Lower Trail Lake. The island is small, perhaps 100-150 meters in length, and features two docking access points and 4 possible remote campsites with fire pits. We spent the night under pines waiting for the northern lights, and marveling over the stars.


In the morning we had our own private air show, as a pilot practiced his water landings and takeoffs on the opposite side of the lake. The first pass, John nearly fell off his board from surprise, which I just happened to capture on camera!


UPDATE: So good, we had to do it twice. Above images are what Moose Pass looked like in Mid-August, and Below are from the last weekend of September. Same glassy water and privacy, but more colors!


Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.09.28 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.05.36 PM.png

Thanks for taking the time to follow, if you have any questions on this location feel free to reach out to us.

Adventure on,

Court & John


Our Gear for this trip:  Paddle Board: Tahoe inflatable SUP | Paddles: Super Paddles Carbon Elite|Dry Suits: Kokatat Men’s Tropos SuperNova Paddling Suit | Dry Bags: Sea to Summit Dry Sack 

**Footnote: Stand Up Paddle boarding in remote locations can be dangerous if not done properly, here we take proper precautions to insure fun and safe trips. Please do not recreate these trips without properly educating yourself on the area, laws, and needs of the sport. **

Other Alaskan SUP Destinations: Bear Glacier  | Portage GlacierHomer Spit | Cooper Landing 

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